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Wingman Brunches are a fantastic opportunity to join with family and friends and share good food. Host a brunch in your home or at work, invite your friends, and raise money to help us support our Air Force family.

2016 was the first year we ran these, and we were blown away by the support. Brunches (and curry nights, morning teas, a movie night, a work breakfast and a high tea) ran all over the country from the far north to the South Island, as well as events on each Air Force base. Over $5000 was raised by the hundreds of generous people who took part. Thanks to you all!

How it works


The idea is you invite family or friends to join you, and they make a donation to the trust in order to attend. We suggest around $20 per person. You can choose any menu you like, butwe did provide some amazing recipes from our former-military gourmet chef, along with some ideas for games and other fun activities to kick things off!


If you want to host a brunch next year, or to find out more info, simply sign up below or email us.

Thanks for signing up for Wingman Brunches. We'll be in touch soon.

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