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“Embarking on my Master's programme was a bittersweet prospect. Academically it was exciting, financially it was daunting, and emotionally it was draining - I wished my dad could be with me on this journey too. Thankfully, the Missing Wingman Trust were able to ease that burden slightly. Thank you for your support."


Candice Forster-Heke

Daughter of F/S Andy Forster

MWT Scholarship Recipient

We were honoured to help the family of a beautiful young baby girl who sadly died at birth. Like all young couples finances were tight, but the Missing Wingman Trust stepped in and was able to fund a headstone for their little princess. Now they will always have a beautiful reminder of their beautiful little girl.

After losing their dad, these boys and their siblings had a big whole left in their lives - and a few small ones in their roof. A great combination of the Air Force and the trust working together saw the family get a new roof; the Air Force provided the manpower and the trust funded the project. Not only did we literally put a new roof over their head, but we took these brothers on their first ever plane flight down to the Air Force museum in Christchurch.

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