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The Missing Wingman Trust provides:

  • Welfare assistance,

  • Support and financial assistance to maintain a reasonable quality of life,

  • Support and financial assistance in times of crisis,

  • Support and financial assistance for further education and vocational training, and

  • Emotional and spiritual mentoring to afflicted family members.


Some stories of how we have helped families can be found here. Some ways we’ve helped include:

  • Education scholarships,

  • Helping with medical expenses,

  • Helping with the immediate needs after the death or illness of a family member. These might include help around the home, funeral expenses and other memorials, or sometimes we have helped family travel to be together.

  • Helping to partially fill the gap left by the loss of a parent or partner. This can take various forms, from sporting and adventure trips or granting other wishes, or finishing those jobs around the home.


As a registered charity, our trust deed has been approved by the Department of Internal Affairs. This governs the ways in which we can help, and we need to ensure we stay within the legal bounds of the charitable status we’ve been awarded. If you think you need support outside these bounds please contact us anyway, but please do understand that sometimes we are limited by New Zealand law.

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