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The Black Falcons - Manawatu

Get behind the scenes with New Zealand's premier formation display team, fly the simulator, and watch them at the Air Tattoo.

This is your chance to experience life as a member of NZ's premier formation aerobatics team - The Royal New Zealand Air Force's 'Black Falcons'. This is the first year the team have flown the brand new T-6C Texan aircraft, and with their trademark black paint scheme and tight formation manoeuvring, this is an experience not to be missed.

This prize gives you the chance to visit the home of the Falcons, RNZAF Base Ohakea, and see what the team do both in and out of the cockpit as they go about their daily training, planning, and briefing for a display practise.* Not only will you go one-up on every other airshow attendee by getting up close and personal with the aircraft in this behind-the-scenes experience, you'll get the chance to fly one in their brand new flight simulators. With all-around visuals and some very clever engineering to give you the sensation of flying, you can turn yourself upside down and try and land back at base without ever leaving the safety of the ground.

Also included is a pass to the RNZAF Air Tattoo, so you can share your experiences with the whole family. Note that the squadron visit will take place on a day to be mutually agreed between the Falcons and the winner, which will not be a day of the Air Tattoo or any other public display.

SOLD - $830

*Formation briefs and some other activities will depend on the day's flying activities which are subject to weather and operational changes at the last minute.

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